"Blue Carpet Frenzy Pared From The Edges"

(2011) For Three String Quartets Bil Smith Composer


"Blue Carpet Frenzy Pared From The Edges" (2011) For Three String Quartets Bil Smith Composer

Commissioned for Three String Quartets




"With Gravity at Gravity's Great Cog" for Six Violins

"With Gravity at Gravity's Great Cog" for Six Violins

Original Recording, March 29, 2013 at Trinity Church, New York, NY.

Bil Smith Composer

Inspiration: Kodály, Feldman, Freeman (Cage)

Kodály declared in one of his last writings: "Our age of mechanization leads along a road ending with man himself as a machine; only the spirit of singing can save us from this fate."

My Grapheticists reinterpretation of the above:

Zoltan's sol(e) close encounter with the string-like (R)et(i) he silently dubbed 'Rorschach'---inspired by his German physician, Junius Kerner---prompted his impromptu Koda-ly-zing gesture, tantamont to a re-do-ing of the sound of a barking Cur(r) W(h)en, as a young lad, he had seemed to have non-literate communion with another species.





"A Marked Degree of Asymmetry Between the Mid-Clavicular Point"

Bil Smith Composer

"A Marked Degree of Asymmetry Between the Mid-Clavicular Point" Bil Smith Composer For Orchestra, Two String Quartets and Electronics (Kurzweil Panopticon)

Revolutions don't seem to be able to emerge as a result of the obvious struggles and conflicts that we all see and live through right now.

'Quite a number of the terms that we use all the time, and which we thus believe that we understand in all their significance, are, in reality, only fully clear to a privileged few. As in the case of the terms “circle” or “square”, which everyone uses, though only mathematicians have a clear and precise idea of what they really mean; so, too, the word “people” is on everyone's lips, without them ever getting a clear idea in mind of its real meaning'. So said the mathematician and philosopher Frédéric de Castillon, victorious participant in the 1778 contest held by the Royal Prussian Academy on the question, close to the heart of Frederick the Great, 'is it useful for the people to be tricked?'





"SynDadactic" for Orchestra and Fourier Transform Processor 

Bil Smith Composer

"SynDadactic" for Orchestra and Fourier Transform Processor - Bil Smith Composer

 “Olivia Fortitude"

(2012) Bil Smith Composer (Embedded and Constrained Olivia)

NEW: “Olivia Fortitude * Images of Polyperverse Behavior” (2005-2013) Bil Smith Composer

Tape, Polymorphous Tape, Behavioral Tape, Tape Procession. Total = Four Tapes. Bil Smith Compose

"Different Phenomena; The Luminous Dragon-Green Sea"

"Different Phenomena; The Luminous Dragon-Green Sea" (2014) Bil Smith Composer.

For Orchestra, Guitar, Mezzo-Soprano, Alpha Spheres, and Audio Cubes.

Compositional structure based on W.V.O. Quine's theories of Holophrastic indeterminacy, or "indeterminacy of musical performance translation". This is one of two kinds of indeterminacy of performance interpretation to appear in his writings.

According to Quine, "there is more than one correct method of interpreting (translating) notations where the two interpreters differ not merely in the meanings attributed to the sub-sentential parts of sounds but also in the net import of the whole composition.

It is holophrastic indeterminacy that underlies Quine's argument against synonymy, the basis of his objections to Rudolf Carnap's analytic/synthetic distinction.



"Concentrated Sweetner And Aperture: Bechet's Syndrome"

Bil Smith Composer (2010/2013)

"Concentrated Sweetner and Aperture: Bechet's Syndrome" (2010)- (2014)
Bil Smith Composer

This work for six violins and controllers was inspired by a lecture I attended in Darmstadt in 2012 with Irvine Arditti in which he explained the historical and technical nuances of the Freeman Etudes.

In this work, each performer is equipped with an arsenal of controllers, most designed for the electric guitar. The performer can choose the controllers of preference prior to the performance, however, they are limited to a specific type of controller. They also have the right to choose no controller. The list is as follows:

Roland Funny Cat
Oberheim Voltage Controlled Filter/Maestro Filter Sample and Hold
Ampeg Scrambler
Klon Centaur Overdrive Pedal
CostaLab Custom Muff
Hartman 8va Octave Fuzz True-Bypass Tycobrahe Octavia/Octave Fuzz Pedal 
Vahlbruch Effects / Octavia/ 2010
Pigtronix Keymaster
T-Rex Engineering PolySwitch AB
Xotic X Blender
Audible Disease Audio Signal Switcher ASS-1 
Wounded Paw / Blender V4 / 2013



"Split By An Immense Roar" for Chamber Orchestra, et al:

Bil Smith Composer

"Split By An Immense Roar" for Chamber Orchestra, et al: Bil Smith Composer (2014)

Compositional Concept Funded and Devised by Louise Lord. Execution by Jeorne Balette (IRCAM). With assistance from the NYPD, Johnson Tremidy, Donald Foerbasch, Radio France, Verizon and The Locke Family. {Only A's}; ABevorial Thoughts for Bastionata Province """"" Domina Fortatitude.

Phasation Two: The meaning of compositional content of this experience is corporeal. It seems to be in a category all of it's own; categorized with it's descriptions of essence; description is to be extolled for it's accuracy, effectiveness and aptness. Add kinesthetic and synesthetic aspect of the very absence of certainty and uncertainty.

Thematic cues from the following:

Asthenolagnia...Autem Morte...Attractancy...Atracador...Auto-Onanism...Auxocyte...Avisodomy...Axillism...Ayuga...Azona...





"Drop The Edge" for Chamber Orchestra




"Don Pietro Leopoldo" for Coptic Chorus - Bil Smith Composer

"Pietro Leopoldo" for Coptic Chorus - Bil Smith Composer

This is a commission from Gazprom and was premiered on June 20, 2013 in St. Petersburg, Russia at The Mariinsky Theatre.





"Justy" (Compaction Music) - Bil Smith Composer





"South Of The Central Lagoon Which Contained The Planetarium"

"South of the Central Lagoon Which Contained The Planetarium" for Strings, Chamber Orchestra, Piano, Live Electronics, Adderall, Straterra, Vyvanse, Paraldehyde and Xanax. (2013) Bil Smith Composer.

Premiere Performance, Art Basel Miami, December 8, 2013.



Equivalent Ideation & Lost Gill-Slits” (2013) Bil Smith Composer

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