"Explorer, Producer, Stoic, After You Fashion" for String Quartet. (2010-2012).

Designed for the composer Bil Smith / Labortorie New Music

Score for an experimental music composition for string quartet (or solo string; string duet; or string trio comprising of violin (2), viola and cello).

Principal artwork by Bil Smith, Jhenna Marche

Aadditional artwork by Bob Aufuldish, Jennifer Caldwell, Katherine Warinner

Printed in an edition of 25 copies 

Binding by John DeMerritt

Excerpted work included in the score for  "Explorer, Producer, Stoic After Your Fashion" for String Quartet. A Nominee for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize in Music. This is a photograph of an original work on vellum with oil, charcoal, perforation, combustion, graphite and pencil. inspired by Lucio Fontana, Enrico Castellani and Alberto Burri (combustion).  Edition of 5.

This score, published by  Laboratorie NewMusic  in 2012 is 567 pages and includes text and graphical tablature realizations as well as a tactile element of 16 r ibbons and dice die cut into the score. The cover is a nod to Lucio Fontana and his articulated spatialism slicing through the silver matte cover to expose a pink under cover.

I am sharing the photos that reveal performance instructions which are very specific and detailed (there are two pages depicted in the photos), but this a small representation of the complete instructions.

There are 16 images which are the keys to sections of the performance comprised of an inverted art. Materials of velum, oil, pencil, perforation (Fontana), combustion (Alberto Burri) and freezes all contribute to 16 unique sections which have been photographed in their final state which dictate the 16 sections of the work.

Working with the publisher...I also included photos of the notes and images we shared back and forth, to define the finished product leading up to the realization of the finalized score.