(lecture)  'WET' scores; (Word, Event and Text) Musical Scores, 2014

March 2014

A series of lectures:  University of Akron, Vembic Totale, TBA)

Pulitzer Prize Invited Nomination, 2013

Pulitzer Prize Board, Columbia University

September 2012

Nominated for Pulitzer Prize for Music, Composition. "Explorer, Producer, Stoic After Your Fashion" for String Quartet published by Laboratorie New Music in 2012.

(publication): "Explorer, Producer, Stoic After You Passion" for String Quartet

Laboratorie New Music, Publisher

September 2012

For String Quartet. Published by Laboratorie New Music. 516 Pages, Hard Bound with dice, score, ribbon and laminate.

(lecture): "Dystopian Branding"

Mode, Issue 45, May 2013

May 2013

An interview conducted by Mode Magazine focused on fashion and luxury branding and my theory regarding disintegrating brands.

(publication): "Acta Combinatorial", for Solo Cello

Laboratorie New Music, Publisher

April 2012

For Solo Cello. A music composition premiered at Darmstadt, Germany and recorded to be released on the Laboratorie New Music Label in Spring 2014

(lecture): "Qualitative Perspectivisation and Syntactic Nomenclature: New Words, New Ecosystems"

Penn State University

June 2012

(lecture):  "Compaction Music; Reductive Music Meets Oulipo"

Columbia University, Pace University, University of Chicago, UCLA, University of Miami. North Texas State University, Cal State Northridge

January 2012

(publication): "Thick Channel Black Bourbon: A Fann:fare for Solo Voice"

Laboratorie New Music - Published Score. Edition of Six

January 2012

(lecture) "Hypertentosium: Disentropic Lexicons and Applications to Musical Word Events and Text Scores"

March 2006

(lecture) "Tactile Musical Tablatures: Eschewing the Five Lines"

An ongoing lecture series; Yale, LACMA, Montclair State University, Robert Schumann Hochschule Dusseldorf, SOMA, Colorado State University

January 2005 (Ongoing)