Roland Kuit for Bil Smith

Roland Kuit, composer, is also a pioneer and an acknowledged researcher in the field of Modular Synthesis. Currently Roland is an independent researcher, and lecturer in modular synthesis and composition.

In my daily existence, research, lecturing and composing is one side of me. The other side is painting. I paint minimal monochromes. Looking at art and painting fills and regenerates me. I met the Art of Bil Smith via his music scores; outstanding works of art fitting for a museum. I found Bil's scores so intriguing I had to listen to his music.

I was surprised by the expressiveness he elicits from acoustic instruments. His sonic world is beyond the imaginary. He even surprised me more with his electronic music and electro-acoustic combinations.

Because of Bil I want start to compose for acoustic instruments again. I could only return this favor by composing a three part electronic work for him, but acoustic work will follow soon. Thank you Bil Smith!”

- Roland Kuit

Schaltungen I

For Bil Smith.
Part 1 of 3.
Clavia NMG2 patched by Roland Kuit
Dolby 5.1



Schaltungen II

For Bil Smith.
Part 2 of 3.
Clavia NMG2 patched by Roland Kuit



Schaltungen III

For Bil Smith.
Number 3 from 3.
Clavia NMG2 patched by Roland Kuit
Dolby 5.1 surround