Row Boanitininin

Amid the explosive ebb and flow there are fleeting moments of relative calm. "Row Boanitininin", with its striated washes of sound, echoes the slick sheen of briny tide pools. Here, I, Bil Smith and Penone are at our most abstract and revelatory, where the forms of the waves are given over to the caprice of visual complexity.  — at Laboratorie New Music Studios.

An Ashbery poem often elides logic while slipping gracefully between the erudite and the vernacular. In the slippage, an otherwise unattainable, unsayable truth can appear. In his few verbal statements on his work, Willem de Kooning often  remarked on the importance of glimpsing and that his paintings were attempts to fix the act of a glimpse—in other words, to destabilize the static object of a painting by putting time back into it. He achieved this by covering and recovering the canvas quickly, scraping it down at the end of each day and starting from the traces, the stains, on the next.