SCORE: "The Conjunction of Her Thighs with the Titanium Tipped Instrument Heads"  Scored for Violin, Viola de Gamba, B Flat Cornet, Single Voice (Mezzo Soprano), and Vibraphone.  2013

"Conjunction..." is a combinatorial composition of reproducible metaphors, that is a chronology of computational experiments on topics related to music, speech and language. These experiments may involve the analysis of previously published corpus data, or of experiment specific sonorities that are reconciled for the occasion. 

Other relevant referential navigational tools include computational simulations, implementations of diagnostic techniques or task scoring methods, methodological tutorials, and reviews of relevant sponsors.

Although "Conjunction" is centered in musical etymology, we aim to contextualize performance from the widest possible range of disciplines that engage music, speech and language experimentally, from electrical engineering and computer science to education, psychology, biology, and speech pathology. 

In this interdisciplinary context, combinatorial methodology is especially useful in helping experimental and analytical techniques to cross over from one sub-field to another.